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Brancusi, cosmic reality in art.

Constantin Brancusi (1876 – 1957) is one of the most influential sculptors of the 20th century. He is considered one of the founders of all modern sculptures and plastic. Of Romanian descent, Brancusi was born in a Carpathian village to a peasant family, which he left at a young age to live a tramping life. […]

Naum Gabo, enter into space.

Gabo, born in 1890 in Bryansk, Russia, had been sent to Munich to study medicine. Naum Gabo was interested in chemistry and physics and then took art history courses from Heinrich Wölfflin. Three years later he wrote the Manifesto of Realism, where he laid the groundwork for new art that would be known later as “Constructivism.” The idea was that art should be based […]

Yves Klein, killed by paint!

Yves Klein, born on April 28, 1928 and a native of Nice, can be called a revolutionary of modern art. At the same time painter, sculptor, photographer, video artist and performer, his style and his perception of the universe made him a unique artist.  Yves Klein was a master in martial arts. As the son […]

Jean Tinguely – catastrophe and death

As a teenager, Jean Tinguely created in the forest near Basel, from wood and cans over 100 meters long sound machines which were driven by water with a paddle wheel. A camshaft operates percussion elements whose rhythm changes according to the current. With regular provocations, Jean Tinguely follows the path that was imposed on him […]

What is good art ?

All can bring beautiful things into being. Nothing is as fundamentally natural as the act of creating. So what is beauty and harmony in art and design? Bringing beauty into life enhances man’s abilities and helps him to realize himself. I consider the following pattern is central to art and design:  Art and design are […]

Stark realities – Uğur Gallenkuş

Uğur Gallenkuş contrasts photos of misery with the comforts of parallel realities. Seeing the destruction and comparing it with the comfortable life I have makes me pause. Usually I skip the misery if I am not addressed personally. When my love is interwoven with despair, it hurts me. I understand the lives of others immediately. […]

Frida Kahlo; Art or kitsch?

Frida is very popular. Some art observers scoff and try to devalue her. This is an indication of the wide social success Frida has achieved. This was denied to most avant-garde artists of the modern age, although they had always wished for it so eagerly. All those who do not see art as a decoration […]

Art has many perspectives

The linear perspective was first described only in its mathematical form around 1400. But it was invented much earlier. Wall paintings and mosaics in Rome and Pompeii of the first century BC already showed perspectives. The first paintings based on the principles of the perspective idea were thus created long before 1420.  If you analyze […]

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